Mistakes Buflus Events Avoid when Planning Events

Common Mistakes Buflus Events Avoid when Planning Events anywhere in Nigeria

With over 7 years of experience in the events management industry, Buflus Events has grown to be one of the top companies around today. We know and understand what it takes to bring your dream event to reality and will do just that so your guests keep on talking about your event for months. This post will talk about the Mistakes Buflus Events Avoid when Planning Events.

Aside from knowing what it takes to put up a grand event for you, we also have knowledge of the common mistakes to avoid when planning an event for our clients. These are mistakes that many renowned event planners still make today but we have found a way to avoid them and give our clients what they really want.

In this article, we will show you the common mistakes we avoid at Buflus Events when planning an event anywhere in Nigeria. Whether you are planning to host your event in the North, East, South, or West, we have what it takes to give you the best experience.

Common Mistakes We Avoid at Buflus Events

Here are some common mistakes that we avoid at Buflus Events when planning and managing your special occasion:

Poor Venue Selection:

Picking the venue for your event is one of the first things we put into consideration when making our plans. The venue you choose to host your event can either make it or break it – this is why it is important to be careful when making your selection.

When choosing a venue for your event, we consider factors including accessibility, location, layout, seating capacity, and amenities that align with the needs of our clients’ events and target audience. In fact, we make it a priority to visit proposed venues with our clients before finalizing plans.

Lack of Clear Goals and Budget:

When potential clients reach out to us, one of the first questions we ask them is the kind of event they are planning to host. It could be a product launch, networking conference, wedding parties, birthday parties, etc. We establish the purpose of the event and curate a realistic budget that considers all expenses.

We make it a priority to work within your budget throughout the planning process. This way, we try our best to avoid exceeding the laid-out budget or unexpected costs. If the budget should need a review, we call it to the notice of our clients immediately.

Poor Communication

One of the many mistakes event management companies in Nigeria make is improper communication. When there is poor communication, it could negatively affect the planning of events and how the whole occasion finally turns out.

For this reason, we at Buflus Events ensure smooth communication with our clients, staff, and vendors. We clearly define what we expect from everyone and also keep them updated on changes or developments in our agreement. This way, we can help prevent misunderstandings and mistakes in event planning and management.

Underestimating Technical Requirements

The technicals are an integral part of any event. Whether you plan to host your event indoors or outdoors, it is important that the technical requirements are not underestimated.

We ensure that technical aspects such as lighting, sound, and AV equipment are properly addressed to prevent technical glitches during the event. We partner with some of the best rental services for technical requirements in Nigeria and we are sure to provide you with the best in this aspect.

Underestimating Logistics

At Buflus Events, we do not underestimate how important logistics can be in an event. Logistics include permits, vendor coordination, equipment rentals, and staffing. We make sure to plan a detailed schedule for setup, breakdown, and contingency plans for possible hiccups.

Not having a Backup Plan

Trust me when I say that almost every event Manager in Nigeria makes the mistake of not having backup plans. At Buflus Events, we have contingency plans for everything to ensure that no matter what happens, your event still holds in the grand style we have planned it to be.

Be it catering, technicals, security, and decor to mention a few, we have put backup in place just in case our initial plan faces an unexpected challenge. We have backup vendors, equipment, and contingency plans in place.

Ignoring Feedback

It would be a grave mistake for any company or firm to operate without taking note of feedback and using them to improve. Here at Buflus Events, we collect feedback from clients, guests, and team members after every event in order to identify areas where we can improve and refine our processes.

We believe that an event does not end even after the last guest leaves the venue. We send thank-you notes to our clients who have trusted us with their events and gather feedback from them. In turn, we use the experience to improve future events.
Before You Go
At Buflus Events, we are not limited to a particular demographic to plan and manage your events. Although we have our head office located in Lagos, we are available to travel to host your event anywhere in Nigeria.

We have successfully managed and planned events in over 6 states in the country and our clients gave us positive feedback. While it is so easy to make a mistake in event planning, we ensure we do not fall prey to these errors and deliver nothing but the best to our clients.

We have made it very easy for potential clients to book our services in little to no time. You can reach us to make reservations via our website at buflusevents.com, our Instagram at buflusevents, and telephone at 081-2588-3116.

We are located at 6, Akintan Street, Ogba Ijaiye Road, Lagos. Always feel free to walk into our office to chat with your management about how you want your event to be. Our representative will walk you through our various packages and assist you in choosing the best option for you.

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